Title: The Lone Stranger and Porky
Release date: 1939
Genres: Western; Family; Animation
Actors: Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Vance Colvig Jr., Danny Webb, Robert Clampett
Director: Robert Clampett
Movie length: 7 min

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Yeah, this movie line was one of the top in 1939. Cool sound, top-quality special effects.

You can’t wait any longer for checking up HQ and striking movie? Then you should not be against of having a lot of enjoyable time with The Lone Stranger and Porky, the nice movie of year 1939. It would be very cool for all fans of Family genre and if you are the one from them then you should start getting positive emotions watching it right now! Impressive acting of Danny Webb, Vance Colvig Jr., Robert Clampett, Mel Blanc would impress you. The movie length is 7 min.

Truly one of the best fun I’ve had at a flick in many years. Yes, the action pressure was over the top, but it was probably worth a watch. Of course, there were unbelievable, impossible, even rubbishy scenes, but I have to say, it was not a waste. Why 9 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past few years, there’s been lots of perhaps fair flicks that it is good to finally come across one that is worth your while. Extremely recommended!

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