Title: Bad Reputation
Release date: 2018
Genres: Documentary; Music
Actors: Eric Ambel, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gene Baur, Rodney Bingenheimer, Don Bolles, Carianne Brinkman, Michelle Cho, Bill Curbishley, Cherie Currie, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Kerslake
Director: Kevin Kerslake
Movie length: 93 min

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Bad Reputation film is a pretty decent movie, that filled with much of fantastic action. Bad Reputation is a very average show and that is why it gets average rating from us and from so many people who have watched it. This is a movie in Documentary category with average acting of quite well-known actors like Eric Ambel, Gene Baur. You could find some nice ideas that are exposed in it but some pieces of the movie are not done well at all. So, if you have got some free time and interested in watching Bad Reputation from 2018 with duration 93 minutes then you are able to do it. We hope you will love Bad Reputation movie. Cheers. 8)